Spartan Trader Set & Forget Trading Workshop

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Spartan Trader

You’ll get > [1] Expert
[2] Indiators
[3] Template
  • EA will work on any account and can be downloaded right now!
  • This is ideal for traders with full time jobs and limited time and perfect for traders that don’t want to go through a long learning curve.
  • Will give you at least 1 trade a day per market.
  • Highly accurate mechanical system with clear cut entries and exits rules.
  • No confusing or lagging indicators and can work with any trading platform.
  • No more being glued to your PC.
  • Use on all currencies, indexes and metals.
  • Easy to learn and use for traders of all experience levels.
  • No more second-guessing when and where to trade.
  • Learn the best markets and times to trade and how to ensure that you pick the right trend direction.
  • Includes MT4 indicators, EA and template.
  • It comes with 3 great and 100% FREE bonuses:
    1. Set and Forget indicator and MT4 Template
    2. FX Live Trade EA to calculate risk
    3. Set and Forget Script to automatically place your orders, targets and stops.
    Here are only 10 great advantages of this trading style and strategy:
    1. Very easy to learn.
    2. Very simple to use.
    3. No experience required.
    4. No technical skills required.
    5. Can be used every day,
    6. Can be used on all volatile markets.
    7. Can be traded in all sessions (NY/London/Tokyo)
    8. Removes stress from trading.
    9. Creates confidence.
    10. Great long term results.