Scalper Rider is Your CHANCE to Make Money on Your Account Faster Than You have Ever Imagined In Your WHOLE LIFE.

This the vendor statement:

Over 11 years of trade experience and still counting, I’ve lost my entire capital over and over again and I’m sure you know the feeling. Now I have a GAME CHANGER in my tools arsenal. Scalper Rider is JUST ONE of them.

Scalper Rider EA is based on Cutting the loss and letting the winners run, using early entries.

The Elements of Good Trading are: 

(1) cutting losses

(2) cutting losses, and

(3) cutting losses.

“If you can follow these three rules, you may have a chance.” – Ed Seykota

The MINIMUM Capital Recommended by Scalper Rider is $500 – $5000

All trading is done automatically, no need of any skill and no human intervention. Your capital is heavily protected by Scalper Rider while your profit would be growing everyday.

Money Management Feature have being built into this ScalperRider to ensure safe trading. It’s great for all traders regardless of your knowledge or experience in trading. 

Overall, Scalper Rider is based on scalping. It is NOT BASED on any of these: 

  • No Martingale, 
  • No Hedging 
  • No Grid
  • Includes TP & SL 

Here Is What You Will Get In The Package

1. The (SCALPERRIDER EA) EA: I call it killer strategy because you won’t believe how your account would be growing.

2. A Complete Quick Ebook on how to setup the EA

If you are sick and tired of making little or no money trading Forex while watching others (very few) make reasonable profit, don’t forget that there’s a solution.

You can join those very few traders who make reasnable income if you USE this proven Scalper Rider, and you’ll surely put an end to your Losses in Forex Trading.

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